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Main Characters and Side Characters – why both matter for an exciting storyline


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Anime has become increasingly popular around the world, with its unique art style and compelling storytelling. One of the reasons anime has captured the hearts of many viewers is its diverse range of characters. While some viewers prefer to root for the main characters in anime stories, others find themselves drawn to the side characters. In this blog article, we will explore how and why people may have different preferences and use Kaguya-sama as an example.

The Main Characters: The Heart of the Story

Main characters are often the driving force behind the plot and the ones that the audience is meant to relate to or sympathize with. For many viewers, the main characters are the reason they watch the anime and invest their emotions into the story. They typically receive the most character development, and the story revolves around their experiences and struggles.

For example, in Kaguya-sama, the main characters are Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, two students who are members of the student council at Shuchiin Academy. They are both intelligent and accomplished, but they are also hopelessly in love with each other and unable to confess their feelings. As the story progresses, the audience gets to see their relationship develop and the challenges they face in trying to express their feelings.

Many viewers may relate to the struggles of the main characters in Kaguya-sama, such as the fear of rejection or the difficulty of expressing one’s emotions. They may root for the main characters to overcome their obstacles and find happiness together. Additionally, the main characters may have distinct personalities or traits that resonate with the audience, making them more likable.

The Side-Characters: A Breath of Fresh Air

Side characters are often used to support the main characters or provide comic relief. They may not receive as much character development as the main characters, but they can still have interesting personalities and quirks that make them stand out. For some viewers, the side characters are what makes an anime truly enjoyable and memorable.

In Kaguya-sama, the side characters include Chika Fujiwara, another member of the student council, and Yu Ishigami, a member of the disciplinary committee. Chika is bubbly and outgoing, often providing comedic relief in the story. Yu is quiet and reserved, but he has a tragic backstory that makes him a sympathetic character.

Ai Hayasaka is Kaguya’s personal assistant and confidant. She is a master of disguise and deception and often helps Kaguya in her schemes to get closer to Miyuki. Despite being a side character, Ai has a complex backstory and a multifaceted personality that makes her a fan favorite. Her wit and intelligence make her a valuable addition to the cast, and her interactions with the other characters are always entertaining.

Miko Iino is a first-year Shuchiin Academy student running for the student council. She is stern and serious, and she has a strong sense of justice that often clashes with the other characters’ more mischievous behavior. Miko’s presence in the story adds a new perspective and dynamic to the student council, and her interactions with the other characters provide a comedic foil to their antics. She may not receive as much character development as the main characters, but her no-nonsense attitude and dry humor make her a standout side character.

Some viewers may prefer the side characters because they find them more relatable or interesting than the main characters. For example, a viewer may relate to Chika’s outgoing personality and find her more likable than the reserved Kaguya. Additionally, side characters may bring a different perspective or dynamic to the story, which can be refreshing for viewers who may feel the main character’s struggles are too heavy.

Why Preferences May Vary

Many factors can influence a viewer’s preference for main or side characters in anime. For example, a viewer’s personality or life experiences may affect who they relate to more. Additionally, the quality of the writing and character development can impact how likable or exciting a character is.

In Kaguya-sama, both the primary and side characters are well-written and have distinct personalities, making them likable to different viewers. Some viewers may relate more to Kaguya and Miyuki’s struggles with love and relationships, while others may find themselves drawn to Chika or Yu’s unique personalities.

Anime is filled with a diverse range of characters, each with their own personalities and struggles. While some viewers may prefer the main characters and their stories, others may find themselves drawn to the side characters and their unique perspectives. Both main- and side characters can be well-developed and likable, making it a joy for viewers to watch and invest their emotions into the story.

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